Fear of torture is no phobia

At the occasion of the co-called „Durban II“ UN Antiracismreviewconference in April in Geneve, Stephane Hessel the last still living co-author of the universal human rights declaration now speaks up in an interview:

The most severe danger on freedom of speech and expression comes from major religions that defend their principles against attacks of others. Even when certain opinions and ideas are shocking to people – as it is sometimes the case with religion – it should all the same be normal to be allowed to state ones thoughts. We should not limit freedom of speech. With each expression of free speech it should be possible to express a contrary opinion. Cutting personal opinion through laws is in my opinion a fault, be it with caricatures, with published texts or in a radio or TV broadcast. Through prohibition personal opinion gets a status that it does not deserve. It is just one opinion amongst many others and should be combatted with counter-arguments. It is for this reason that a nonviolent dialogue amongst cultures is necessary. We must talk and understand each others sensitiveness and disposition in order to defend certain arguments. This is what democracy is about: A dialogue amonst opinions which sometimes can be brutal, but base on respect to each other.

Stéphane Hessel

Stéphane Hessel

It is the stated goal of a large group of participating countries to declare the islamophobia called phenomenon as kind of racism in order to limit on this ground the freedom of opinion.

This blog shall server to support a resolution to the german government that is already in the work. Inner core of the declaration will be that muslims, who have found christ after doubts into islam, do have the right to be afraid of the torture of which they are threated in many countries of the world.

It is important to understand and stick with it, that the fear of torture of these humans unfortunately must have surely is no islamophobia, because the intend of the torturers is „to win“ again for the islam the human who just became free in christ by the gods grace and also to force him to unveil other hidden living christians.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports about vor christians in Libya who defy and probably still have to defy this fear. No human being with reason on the entire planet would promulgate the idea of calling their fear islamophobia. Although it is true they are afraid of islam, because if they hadn’t they would buckle given the pains inflicted upon them and again confess mohammed as „gods prophet“ as it is imperatively required.

Yet what would it mean, if one would still call their fear islamophobia? Given that phobia stands for an irreal and pathological fear it would mean the tortured is sick and that the torture is actually kind of a therapy that he needs simply for his recovery. Those who deny that fear of torture is no islamophobia by doing so justify not only this torture, they also adopt the thinking and feeling of the torturer.

May one hope that the delegation which foreign minister and vice-cancelor Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) wants to send to „Durban II“ got enough stableness and personality that they stick unflinchingly with the argument that fear of islamic torture is no islamophobia?

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Those who are not entirely sure should follow the link torture-state libya may not chair the Durban II planning comitee. There the email adresses of Libyas embassy in germany and of the post office of the foreign ministery can be found together with an example text of a mail of the kind that one should send them now.

Ibrahim Dabbashi

Ibrahim Dabbashi, United Nations Ebassodor of Libya

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3 Kommentare - “Fear of torture is no phobia”

  1. dajjal Says:

    A Muslim resident in Dar ul-Islam who apostasizes is jailed, tortured and commanded to recant. If he does not, he will suffer at minimum, the loss of his marriage, family, property and employment. In Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan he is likely to lose his head.

    Apostates in Dar ul-Harb may be pursued and killed by Mujahideen seeking bounties such as that placed on Salmon Rushdie.

    Since 270 million people have lost their lives to Islam in the last 1384 years, there is ample reason to fear & loathe Islam.

  2. antifo Says:

    So you are willing to accept this. If you are then explain me why you care so much for Durban II documents? I mean I know very well why these are important, but how can you believe OIC countries will not cheat the US, when this cheating started in 1966 when ICCPR was adopted? They cheated all the time since then. They really give a shit on human rights!

    Have you read and understood this resolution:


    we sent it to our government. Acting like this could be a start to say ‚No‘ to this cheating in an appropriate fashion. Note, no dialogue gets ruled out. Instead it is demanded and along this way any theory about islamophobia gets smashed.

  3. dajjal Says:

    Yes, antifo, I read, understood and agree with your resolution. I am not in favor of the DDPA or any of its successor candidates including that dated 03/17/09.

    I am unalterably opposed to any and all attempts to impose Islam’s blasphemy law or any other part of Shari’ah upon us by any means, on any scale: local, national or international.

    Most of my posts on the subject of Durban and the related GA & UNHRC resolutions are posted in the UN section of http://www.snooper.wordpress.com.

    Moe saud „war is deceit“. Al-Taqeyya & kitman are well known concepts, but not sufficiently understood by many. They’ll smile in our faces while preparing to stab us.

    There is and can be no dialog with Islam; there is only a monolog: „convert or die“. I don’t plan to do either. The details of dialog with Islam can be found in various posts at http://www.totheulama.wordpress.com.

    I confess doubt that either of our governments will act with wisdom and good faith in this matter. I expect that they will knuckle under to „diplomatic pressure“, „world public opinion“ and the desire to be part of the pack.

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