Speaking about torture must be possible

At March 9th 2009 International Christian Concern (ICC) reported about detaining and torturing of muslims converts to christianity in Libya. This country chairs in this month not only the UN security council, but chairs also the preparations of the „Durban II“ called UN Anti-racism review conference that shall will take place 20th to 24th of April in Geneva.

We say:

As long as Libya tortures it can in no case chair the Durban II planning comittee without damaging the reputation of the United Nations.

Talking about fear of torture and acting sustainably against it is a human right even if states such as Libya have not ratified the UN Anti-tortue Treaty. Already trying to forbit someone this under the pretext of a worldwide fight against racism hits human dignity with boots! With this effort the german government takes part with their irresponible and apparently entirely unreflected intend to participate at Durban II while the country which leads the preparations for the conference at the same time tortures!

We are afflicted with serious doubts into the value of human rights as long as they are not similarly valid for muslims who found after doubts in islam the path to Christ. Libya must immediately release the unjustly imprisoned and tortured christians immediately and must agree on an investigation who carries the last responsibility for this shame. It won’t be possible to get over the islamophobia called phenomenon, if we can’t come to an agreement about the path how we can work jointly and efficiently on overcome religiously motivated torture.

Thus the signees demand from the german government:

(1) The torture-state Libya must step back from the Durban II planning commitee, if it does not arrange immediate release of the tortured prisoners and allows them to departure into a country where they need not to fear capture and torture due to their new denomination, if needed.

(2) A promise of the german government to support an investigation of these infamous incidences in Libya as part of it’s foreign policy and also assist it. The investigation must facilitate a direct and efficient exchange with the responsible instances in Libya. Amonst these instances we see not only state representatives, but also religious dignitaries of the acknowledged juridical teachings. The promise of an investigation as part of the Universal Periodical Reviews (UPR) at the level of the UN human rights council is not sufficient with this regard, as this can grant neither an individual case investigation nor an efficient exchange with state and religious representatives. The direct exchange is necessary, because only then we have a possibility to work in Federal Republic of Germany on confuting islamophob insights and in Libya on questioning of outmoded and false thought patterns in a long-term and efficient manner.

(3) the Federal Republic of Germany may not participate Durban II, except if it is determined to make sure, that public relations of non-governmental organisations, who advocate for muslims who found the way to christ after doubts into islam, is exempted from the to be worried classification as new kind of racism in the conferences‘ final document.

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3 Kommentare - “Speaking about torture must be possible”

  1. dajjal Says:

    Careful analysis of the Durban II Draft Document discloses the fatal fact that it is full of hypocrisy. I documented that fact in a seven part series on Egregious Arrogance.

    The whole deal is about branding us with the legends of racist & bigot. Since Islam can not refute the facts put forth by its critics, it seeks to silence us.

    I have disrespectfully told them to go to Hell. Furthermore, I have disrespectfully demanded that the federal government of the U.S.A. tell them to go to Hell. I don’t think they are listening to me, though the U.N. headquarters, U.S. State Department, and Holy See have read some of my blog posts on this and related issues.

  2. antifo Says:

    @dajjal: Just passively waiting for someone to read and understand is not enough. Acting is what counts now! Do you know good christian blogs where they might care about the demand to Libya to release our prisoners or IMMEDIATELY step back from this god-damned Durban II preparations comitee?

    See I just posted my links to the blog where I found these Richard Williamson stories being discussed:


    the same I did here


    actually I’m also in contact with someone from ICC


    Dajjal, we must rouse these folks and somehow bring them together.

    If you keep on watching this topic here I will try to direct them on it.

    What we could do is an email campaign to the vatican. The changes with this resolution document were really minimal.

  3. dajjal Says:

    Antifo, I do not know of any strongly organized campaigns. A search turned up several petitions, one of which I signed, blogged about and forgot. I will try to enter their urls here. Family Security Matters is one of the better blogs, if memory serves, it was their petition I had signed.

    I doubt that the Vatican can be prevailed upon to back out, as they seem to be committed to participation, in line with their idiotic dialog policy.

    I have found several on line petitions for the Boycott. I will post links to them in a new blog entry.

    In my opinion, direct contact with legislators is more likely to be effective. Send an email to your MP & MEP. Americans can use the free services of http://www.congress.org/ to send a single email to President Obama, their Representative & Senators.

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