Open Letter to the Editors of National Review Online

I just sent this e-mail to the Editors of National Review Online magazine:

Subject: Hate-speech by Andrew C. McCarthy and his followers in NRO
Date: 28. Juni 2012 20:51:55 MESZ

Dear NRO-Editors,

I write you, since I can not understand how NRO can accept comments as the one here by user Pharmamom

when you read that comment (below you find a copy) you’ll see that user Pharmamom writes of human beings as „animals“ and welcomes it when „they“ kill each other.

This is primitive hate-speech. It can not be accepted in a publication that sees itself as a platform for serious discourse on politics.

Note also, user Pharmamom refers there to Andrew C. McCarthy and is of the opinion that he adequately summarizes the positions by McCarthy on Syria:

When I tried to find the seed of evil by McCarthy, I came across sentences such as the one where McCarthy claims that brutal killings were „quotidian“ „in their culture“ (in Syria).

Such sentences really proof, that McCarthy has not even the slightest idea about Syria.

I hope, that you as NRO-editors understand how unsustainable McCarthy is.

Just two weeks ago the Russian FM Sergei Lavrov wrote in his article

and described the publications in the West like this:

„Unfortunately, qualified and honest analysis of developments in Syria and their potential consequences is still in short supply. Quite often it is replaced by primitive images and black-and-white propaganda clichés.“

It seems as if the Russian FM’s words were directed to you as NRO editors.

Best regards,

I am with Andy McCarthy on this: we need to stay out of it. The more they focus on killing each other, the less they focus on killing us. Sad that they are slaughtering their own innocents, but not worth expending an ounce of our blood and treasure to stop. Maybe the longer these animals kill each other, the faster the rest of the world will come to recognize the danger they and their tribalistic religion pose to civilization.

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One Comment - “Open Letter to the Editors of National Review Online”

  1. […] des Hasses nicht nur bei Menschen jüdischer Herkunft. Andrew C. McCarthy, dessen Positionen ich hier und hier kritisiert hatte, gehört für mich der selben Gruppe von Islamkritikern an. Wegen seiner […]

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