Short press review on Maybritt Illners late-night talk with Joseph Ackermann

In the course of her coup d’état Merkel has also called out the state of emergency. Just informally as a matter of course, because otherwise the emergency-laws would have to become effective, against which the students movement had protested so vehement in May 1968.

A poster of the protestors against emergency-laws from May 1968

A poster of the protestors against emergency-laws from May 1968

It becomes now very telling to see, how this informal state of emergency condenses in the age of a media-society:

  • Under the title In Times of the Crisis: TV-Chancellor Ackerman Harald Schumann becomes active in the „Berliner Tagesspiegel“ as severe taskmaster of the mediocracy and critizises the television presenter Maybritt Illner for having drewn him alone, i.e. „undisturbed by pesky critics“, in her late-night talk: „The ZDF-moderator Maybritt Illner gave Deutsche Bank chief Joseph Ackermann a status, that until now was due only to chancellor Angela Merkel.“ — Here a personality cult gets cultivated,  that we know actually only from dictatoric regimes. This presentation anyways is wrong, because Ackermann’s television appearance has certainly not questioned Merkel’s chancellorship, but at most her autocratic-presidential demeanor with which she gives our Federal President Horst Köhler more an more the rank of a supernumerary.
  • How much different is Holger Tschäpitz in the „Welt“: Investments: Stockbrokers take Euro-Zone apart. An interesting because factual article on investor trends. It contains valuable information for those who are worried about their savings, when they realize that Merkel’s „Euro-rescue“ policy will fail. Instead of  reprimanding Mr. Ackermann lengthy and eyewashingly, his estimation is just quickly reflected  „Influential financial market players such as Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann expressed doubt that Greece can ever repay it’s debt.“ – A true role model for high-quality media coverage!
Maybritt Illners late-night talk with Joseph Ackermann

Maybritt Illners late-night talk with Joseph Ackermann

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