Iran: Against death panelty for christian bloggers

After a law has been brought on the way to ban stoning from penal laws, we should make further pressure on the iranian government. It were a huge sucess, if the law recently agreed by the iranian parliament that makes death panelty for christian bloggers legal, were taken back. Right now this law rests at the guards council. It can eithter confirm or reject this law.

As to drive this forward I left this comment in the article above:

How about this death penalty law for apostasy?
To my knowledge it is pending at the guards council.
@gf: You mean torturing and murdering converts to christianity is “civilizied”? It is dreadfully unjust and a crime against humanity.

Please join this campaign!

In my opinion there are better prospects for actual improvements than with the critics of Claudia Roth (speaker of green party in Germany) against Noia Siemens Networks for having delivered network technology to Iran. Unfortunately hoping for effective backing of human rights by the green party is unrealistic.

Furthermore critics on the contents is 100x better than spam- or DOS attacs against iranian servers.

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2 Kommentare - “Iran: Against death panelty for christian bloggers”

  1. EinFragender Says:

    Wenn man dass ändern wollen würde, müsste man den Islam ändern, müste man den Koran umschreiben und viele Haidthe ändern.
    Der Islam ist der Islam und was im Islam geschieht wurde von Allah so bestimmt – meinen Muslime.

    Deshalb ist jeder Versuch etwas daran zu ändern bestenfalls temporär erfolgeich.

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