Weak sentences of the false prophet

Under Female Genital Mutilation there is an article of the US-based Muslim’s Women League that argues against this practice. Besides an aimless discussion based on hadiths and koran verses it contains also clear statements:

Interestingly, many leading scholars of the four major Sunni schools of thought considered female circumcision to be at least recommended if not required.

the past times form of this sentence speaks the authors hope this still wide-spread reading of these traditional texts could be overcome. Her argument is that those hadiths that are typically quoted as to justify FGM are „weak“ sentences from Muhammed and she struggles courageously against the words of the false prophet.

Another bright moment the author has then here:

Sadly, the notion that honor and shame fall so heavily on the shoulders of the women of any given family is pervasive throughout the Muslim world, including those countries where FGM is not known.

even though this state causes her deep grief, she fails to perceive this as the pivotal point of the whole problem.

Solving it will become possible only, if one liberates oneself from the false reading Muhammeds guidelines to actually safeguard the slaves of his harem as a revelation of God. Only then also the head cloth can obtain the status of normal clothing, that causes nobody any major griefs, since women will then be free to wear it or deposit it whenever they like.

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